Eubi Weewaz
Exploring Mental Wellness with WEEWAAZ
Since the pandemic hit, many of us who were prisoners of our own homes had experienced some sort of declined in mental health.

Many of us found solace in social media - not just in relatable memes and cat videos, but in works created by artists who were going through similar hardships.

They remind us that we are not alone in our struggles. That it's ok to be overwhelmed, unhappy or anxious. They remind us to stay hopeful. Weewaaz is one of those artists.
50% of profits from this collaboration will be donated in support of Beyond Blue
An Australian mental health and well-being support organisation that hopes to provide everyone, young and old, with information to recognise how depression, anxiety and suicide can affect people, and simple strategies to understand what to do if it happens to them, or someone close to them.