Kicking Boring Clothes

Out For Good

While giving your legs the attention they deserve

Why Eubi?

We make apparel for all lives moments, big and small. That when you’re out to party or just enjoying some alone time, the clothes you put on don’t hold you back but adds to the experience.

Show Some Skin!

Life is too short to not wear shorts, so we’re giving our fellow men an escape from their 9-5 outfits that honestly, do nothing to showcase their individuality. It’s time to instill some color and excitement to your wardrobe and life!

While having fun still plays a large part in everything we do, we still make sure there’s a flair of versatility in all our designs so that you can go from work, to the beach, or your best friend's pool party in Eubi, while still looking great.

Present Day Looks Fine & Dandy

We've gone beyond swim shorts, and are now serving the world with a wide range of vibrant, colorful, and fun apparel that cuts through the mundanities of everyday life. Fair warning; our shorts come with a lot of attention.

Brand Values